Maintenance tips

Mathilde Ma Muse jewellery is made of 925 silver and is gold-plated.

All our stones are natural stones, which explains why their shapes and colours may vary.

Here are a few tips to guarantee a long life for your jewellery:
Even if our jewellery is resistant to life, avoid contact with water, perfume, chemicals and cosmetics as much as possible.
Therefore, we advise you to put on your jewellery after your beauty treatment.

Just like you, our jewellery needs to rest, so from time to time, remember to take it off when you go to bed. Our small petriboxes have been specially designed for the particularity of our sterling silver jewellery. They are the allies of our jewellery. They protect them from the air and humidity. Think of them when you are not wearing your jewellery and when you take it on trips. It will even prevent them from getting tangled.
Finally, to clean your jewellery, I recommend a good old grandmother's remedy: toothpaste.

Indeed, our jewels being made of silver, they oxidize in the air and the toothpaste being a polishing pad, it will revive their brightness and remove the layer of oxidation.
- Puta dab of (white) toothpaste in your hand,
- Then put the jewel under water and rub it in your hands.
- Finally, rinse thoroughly, and wipe it carefully with a dry cloth

And ... It's beautiful.

The creator, Mathilde.