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Mathilde, it's me and I just had the desire to share with you one of my rituals that fuels my daily life.

In the morning, I start my day with a little sentence in my head thanking God, the source, the universe... For this new day that is offered to me.

Not all mornings are rosy, but it is one more to my life, and that deserves a thank you.

Expressing gratitude encourages good luck, as it makes me more stress resistant and happy.

The rock crystal will be the perfect ally to become fully aware of the beautiful things that happen to you.
It clarifies the mind and you discharge negative energies. It helps to balance the body/mind relationship. It is said to represent natural wisdom and serenity.

Here I propose the birthstone pendant. It is the union of a diamond from Herkimer, a very rare rock crystal and the stone of your birth month.

Take care of yourself and don't forget to say thank you to life; it will give it back to you!

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